This is a post of my sister’s, and I had to re-blog because it’s so funny (to me, and hopefully to you, too). When I was reading this it was like I was reading thoughts straight out of my own head. Enjoy!

furry little cousins

My sister and I had two big things in common growing up: having hairy arms and not having any “talents”. I used to tell people that I wasn’t good at anything and people would respond by saying, “I’m sure that’s not true, you must be good at something.” It was seriously true. Or they would respond by saying, “You’re good at bowling though!” My response to that: I’m better than average at bowling because I have spent so many years practicing, but I’m not good at bowling in the bowling world (for bowlers out there, at my BEST I could average at 160, which you know is pretty mediocre). I will never be good enough to bowl competitively- it took me YEARS to accomplish what some people can accomplish in a couple months.

I was simply blessed with the gift of no coordination. (I always have a bruise on my hip…

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