A trip to London’s Royal Opera House

Last night I finally got to go to the ballet! The Royal Ballet. One of my friends had an extra ticket, so along I went to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

Unfortunately my friend prides himself on living “off the grid,” so I can’t show you a picture of him or tell you his name. As that’s the case, I’ll be referring to him as Kyle Reese.

Meet Kyle:

We got there just in time to have a big ol’ glass of wine, pre-show. What I really wanted was a Bellini, but at £13 a cocktail, I had to say no to myself. I have an issue with ordering drinks, so a lot of times I’ll pay if someone else will go to the bar in my place.

The Opera House was gorgeous. I can’t believe I haven’t been here before in my three years in London.

Drinks for Kyle and me.

"I missed wine in the future"

Our seats were high, but the place really isn’t that big so it was fine. The difference between our ticket price and those in front of the stage was about £200. We paid £9 per seat.

My only concern was that I’d drop my iPhone on someone’s head and it would be the whole “drop a penny off the Empire State Building” thing.

I love activities. Like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers. So many activities. It’s making my head spin!


10 thoughts on “A trip to London’s Royal Opera House

  1. Activities! And this sounds like a pretty good one, at that 😉 But WOW, expensive drink. I’m way too cheap to spend my money on alcohol, when I can go buy a bottle of whatever and make my own for the same price. Same thing goes for wine, a glass at a restaurant costs about what a bottle of the same thing does. But performances at an opera house? Too classy to pass on wine to go with that. So how was the ballet??

    • It was good! I loved it, except the last act I couldn’t wait to leave because at the intermission I made a stupid decision and ate ice cream, so my stomach hurt really badly 😦
      And yeah, it makes me so angry that a glass of Prosecco in a restaurant is more expensive than a bottle of my favorite brand from the store!

  2. Glad you had fun (despite the stomach ache)! The only ballet I’ve seen was the Nutcracker when I was little, and Black Swan (but that doesn’t really count). I like the shot of the room with all of the windows.

    And 13 pounds for one drink?? Wow. I’ve never had a Bellini, but they do sound amazing. Just not $20 amazing (sorry I had to convert the price…insane)! And I was hoping your friend was going to look more like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/51/Reese-Salvation.jpg


    • Haha, that pic!

      Definitely have a Bellini. Rather, just make one at home. so much cheaper. I absolutely love them!!

      The only other ballet I have seen was the Nutcracker and I loved it because I love anything Christmas. Haven’t seen Black Swan (although I saw the movie). Is it good?

      • You’re probably right. Plus I love peaches. I’ll have to look into it! Can’t be that hard to make, right?

        Needless to say, I saw the Nutcracker when I wasn’t that interested in ballet so at the time I didn’t really care for it. I’d love to see it again though, now that I’m older. I’ve never seen the ballet Swan Lake either (I had to Google the name of the ballet), but I want to.

  3. Love the Kyle persona & jokes; the hair bump and the entire experience.

    Hated Step-brother(s?) – blech.

    Beautiful photos. Saw my first opera from seats like those and was enamored nonetheless…

    • Thanks 🙂

      I haven’t seen an opera but I’d love to, especially here!

      Stepbrothers – do not know why I liked this. I hate Will Ferrell and pretty much think he’s never funny. Except here. And maaaybe Elf. But that’s only because I’m committed to loving Christmas movies.

  4. You forgot to say what you saw! So I had to look it up…LOL

    Except last night it starred these two.

    It’s such a happy, sunny, (silly) ballet (and one of the few where nobody dies!) I think there’s even a full length version on YT somewhere, you could see all the bits you missed on the right side of the stage 😉

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