David Sedaris, in my inbox!

That’s right bruthas and sistahs. David Sedaris e-mailed ME and got me tickets to one of his shows in London.

How does a person get so lucky, you ask?

Because I have an amazing pseudo-aunt named Elizabeth, who went to see him in Indianapolis last week and told him I’ve always wanted to see him but have never been able to. She gave him my e-mail, and he was kind enough to contact me and ask if I’d like to attend one of his shows in London at the end of May.

I own all of his books and have a couple signed (thanks to my sister and again, Elizabeth), and I didn’t think I could love him any more. Turns out I can!

He e-mailed me today and said I’ve been put on “the list,” so no need to wait in line with all the ticket-holding scum bags (my words, not his). You know what this means? I’m literally a VIP. A VIP! Me! I also get a plus one.

I’m taking Mr. Chris, because he’s supposedly a fan.

The rest-of-the-weekend recap:

I saw the Avengers movie, and it was great, but really all I want right now is this guy’s arms wrapped tightly around my bod:

Friday night I had a work party event. It was at the London Film Museum, and everyone in the company dressed up in “fancy dress” except my department. We just went in nice clothes. This is the only photo I have from the evening, because I was too drunk to do anything except talk about Pee Wee’s Playhouse (wtf?), smash food on my plate like a 5-year-old, and fall down flights of stairs. (Come on, free Prosecco, and this is England. Just trying to fit in with the culture.)

It was a good time, and I won £20 in movie vouchers even though I contributed nothing.  I’m going to spend them when my mom is here! That should buy us part of one ticket …


8 thoughts on “David Sedaris, in my inbox!

  1. WOAH WOAH, free VIP tickets to David Sedaris??? Why is your life so awesome? He’s going to be in Nashville in November, and I’ve been considering saving up for a ticket–but holy cow, even the crap seats are really expensive.

    Also, thank you for not making me the only one who drools over the villains…

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