The Notebook

Instead of a sappy love story, let’s make a movie about a manager’s poor little notebook that was abused and used as a plate because the manager’s employee was too lazy to walk 5 feet to get a proper plate out of her drawer.

My desk is really messy. Actually, this isn’t my desk. It’s my manager’s desk, hence the notebook abuse, but since my computer is broken and he’s working the shift after me, I camped out at his. I almost always clean up my mess when I leave, but I’m only human and sometimes humans forget things.

I think he loves me. Wouldn’t you?

And yep, that’s the remains of two cups of coffee. 5 am shift, what are you gonna do?

This sandwich was basically an excuse to eat mustard and leftover food. One of my friends made me a gorgeous dinner that at one point involved cucumbers and rocket, so I bought a carrot and a bagel to slap this lunch together with the remainder of the veg.

That was all yesterday, though. Today I managed to bust out the plate so I could have these beauties:

Vegan whole-wheat coconut almond pancakes with a maple-flavored agave syrup drizzled on top. I have to say, the maple-flavored agave was very good!

Mama Bear will be here in two days!


8 thoughts on “The Notebook

  1. Lunch is the best way to use leftovers! Definitely threw the remainder of last night’s dinner on top of lettuce for my lunch today. Instant salad. And ugh, I meant to grab coffee on the way in to work…and then decided to somehow kill my ten extra minutes doing nothing around the house instead. Lagging today, that’s for sure. And those pancakes look amazing. I mean–what pancakes don’t, right? But coconut and almond sounds particularly good.

    • Yeah, I’ve been into pancakes recently and don’t know why. Perhaps because I tried making whole wheat vegan ones rather than the nasty sugary ones you get at restaurants, so I don’t want to die anymore after eating them.

  2. Super handy using a notepad, no washing up, just rip out the dirty page… haha. btw the pancakes look delicious, did you bake them before you go to work…? RESPECT!!

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