The 10K sort-of training plan

I went ahead and signed up for the British 10K because I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been wanting to do another big race, and I feel like this will be a race I’ll always remember so it’ll be worth the money.

After feeling fine with a 5-mile run last week, I’ve started focusing more on speed. I probably should look at some sort of training plan, but I’ve kind of just made my own and it’s definitely been working. I feel about running plans the way I feel about following recipes. I try, but it doesn’t work out. I think if I get more serious about running and try to tackle a half-marathon I’ll stick to a plan, but for now I do what feels right.

As far as speed training, I cover 2-4 miles and alternate walking and running.

Walk 1/4 mile, run 1/4 mile until it’s done.

I start the run quarters about a minute-per-mile pace faster than I’m used to (5K pace is about 9:30/mile) and increase the speed as I get closer to the end. My last run went something like this:

By the end I was definitely beat, but I find that it quickly gets easier and easier and I’m able to kick up the pace after a few runs. This, combined with longer and slower runs, was how I knocked off seven minutes from my 5K time.

I don’t know if it’s common to talk about “fuel” for short runs like this, but I am one hungry person, so I have to think about eating around my runs. Yes, around. I have to eat before and after.

No matter what I do, I don’t have the energy or motivation for morning runs because I’m just so hungry, so I have to do them in the afternoon. This means I’ll need to eat a big breakfast, moderate lunch, and maybe a small snack plus water before I run.

After I run I usually drink a giant glass of coconut water and some kind of vegan snack bar. I really like Nakd bars because they have only 3-4 ingredients and are super tasty.

Just for the record, although my diet has drastically changed over the past couple years, it’s made no difference in my level of hunger. Ask anyone. You know angry drunks? Well, I’m an angry hungry person and I always have been. When the hunger starts, the anger starts.


My biggest problem right now will be trying to find the time to run while my mom is here until the 22nd!


2 thoughts on “The 10K sort-of training plan

  1. Why is your life so much like mine? I become difficult, grumpy and stubborn (read: 2 years old) when I get hungry. And I’m totally with you about eating around workouts–I hit the gym in the AM, but I have to have a huge breakfast first and a huge protein smoothie right after.

    Glad you signed up for the race despite the price, it does sound like an experience!

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