A full English and a New York Times

For my mom’s first breakfast in London I took her for a veggie full English at my favorite breakfast place, Mel’s in Earlsfield.

She brought me a New York Times, which I miss dearly! I love having the full paper because the online experience comes nowhere close. When I have my NYT I read almost everything, but when I’m online I skim just a few stories.

Instagram … but I promise the rest of the days pictures (that I’ll post later) are normal 🙂







I look the opposite of excited, but I definitely was. I love Mel’s! I’ve mentioned before that this veggie burger is the best!


Today I made my mom vegan whole wheat pancakes, but I kind of messed them up. The taste was good, but I put a little less oat milk than normal so they were super thick.

I’m going to blame the mess up on the fact that I dropped a chili pot on my hand. Good thing mom was around to make it better when I ran upstairs yelling that I smashed my hand!


Now we’re off to Hyde Park to ride bikes since today is the first day for literally weeks that it hasn’t rained, and it’s apparently the last day for a while that we can expect clouds with no rain …


8 thoughts on “A full English and a New York Times

  1. Mmm, nothing wrong with thick pancakes! And the NYT–I don’t think I’ve read a paper version in ages, but I love it online. I may–or may not–use slow days at work to do the crossword puzzle. And by the crossword puzzle, I mean Monday or Tuesday’s, because any later in the week is way too hard for me ;D

    • I have to admit… I’ve never in my life done a NYT crossword 😦

      Also, the Sunday NYT is the best! Worth the $6 investment! I bought one at my local gas station and the guy at the register was shocked at the price and said he wouldn’t pay that much for a book. Nice!

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