Holy foods

I love Le Pain Quitodien. Even though it’s an American restaurant I took my mom to the one in Parsons Green on our way to Whole Foods Kensington.


It’s always great for a light meal that’s fresh and organic. Since I can’t eat soup without shoveling large amounts of bread in my piehole*, I always order an extra serving. Their bread is delish!

*Urban dictionary tells me piehole is one word, but I thought it was two! What’s your opinion? Should it be piehole or pie hole?

I got a tomato + basil soup that appeared to have no cream in it, so I was extra super duper pleased.


Mama bear ordered a lemon polenta cake and oh my goodness, this was holy. Pretty little strawb + cream on the side.




At Whole Foods there was a sale on rainbow chard, so I bought some to sauté for my breakfast. Surprisingly I’ve never cooked with Swiss chard and I’m really excited about it!

I also bought Kombucha, which I’ve read a lot about on food blogs but never tried before. Hope it’s good!

Aren’t beets always gorgeous?


Whole Foods Kensington is the biggest WF I’ve ever been to. I don’t know how big your local WF is, but this one is two huge floors with a third floor food court. It’s definitely a shopping experience.


I saw this at the food bar, and I’ll be making it this week! I’m going to sub oat cream for regular cream and I think it’s going to be one tasty vegan dish.


That’s another thing I love about Whole Foods – I get so many food ideas from just looking at their hot food selections!


6 thoughts on “Holy foods

  1. We discoverd Le Pain when we lived in NYC and it was a regular stop off for coffee and pastries. However, like you we both thought it was an american chain, but on a recent trip to Belgium I discovered the first Le Pain restaurant in Brussels! I’m pleased they have started appearing in the UK, the only problem being that at the moment they are all in London and I live up North!!


    • Oh you’re right! I think I do remember reading that it was started in Europe but I’ll have to look it up and amend my post 😉
      But yes, it’s yummy!!

  2. 1. Pie hole.
    2. Your mom looks so happy to be there with you! Love how close you two seem to be.
    3. MY Whole Foods is the original WF. Beat that! 😉

  3. Pie hole is totally two words. I mean, really, what does urban dictionary know? Other than all the slang I’m apparently too old now to be “in the know” on… And I’m totally with you on beets. Because when don’t we post about the same foods? And who doesn’t love the hot pink hands you get after chopping them up for a dish?

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