Food talk. London talk.

Before you look at my pictures of Platform 9 3/4 and my journey on the greatest bus route ever, let’s talk a bit of food.

Greek salad in a baguette – My new obsession. If you want to change your life, go buy some Greek salad fixins right now and stuff them in a baguette, and then stuff that in your pie hole. (Hey, look! I did manage to use “pie hole” again!)

Rainbow chard. O.M.G. Why have I not had it before? I made a recipe AND took photos of two dinners this week, so if I can stop showing you pictures of London for at least one day, I’ll post them.

Kombucha – What’s the big deal? It was OK, but for £3 ($5) a bottle I was expecting a serious party in my mouth. I won’t be buying it again. It’s supposed to have medicinal benefits, but I’m already as healthy as it gets so I can’t see how a bottle of vinegary water is going to better that.

Indian food – Ouch. Just ouch. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Indian without my stomach hurting for at least 24 hours. Maybe it’s the fatty ghee base they use? I make chili so spicy it burns my face off and that’s fine, so it can’t be the spice. I’m taking my mom to Indian tonight!

Food talk done.

London talk!

When I first discovered the 15 bus route from Tower Bridge to Charing Cross my little mind was jumping up and down. It’s really fun because it’s an old style, hop-in-the-back bus, and there are tons of sites to see along the way.

Although I generally hate buses (as any sane Londoner would), this is the one bus route that’s fun rather than scary.

And no, I don’t know why all my pictures ended up severely tilted.


When anyone comes to visit I try to take them along this route at some point. My mom and I got on at Fleet Street and went to Covent Garden to see about getting tickets for the Lion King.








The new King’s Cross station:


With a much easier access to Platform 9 3/4. It’s right out in the open, in the main part of the station. You can’t miss it!


A bit of a line, but not too much! We waited maybe 10 minutes.


Exciting news! We’re going to the Benjamin Franklin house Monday. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time because he’s fascinating. I have three biographies on him, and also his autobiography which I’m almost through with.

*And!* This day next week we’ll be leaving for Rome!


17 thoughts on “Food talk. London talk.

  1. Fun, fun, fun! I’m loving all your foodie/London updates. I can’t believe you had to wait on line to get a photo for 9 3/4. I guess now that you don’t have to go looking for it people will be more willing to take photos with it.

    Did you know that Benjamin Franklin’s illegitimate son is buried at Old St. Pancras Church cemetery behind the station? It’s a gorgeous church with a few famous people buried there.

  2. Ben Franklin is gangsta. I’d love to visit his house. And Indian food is totally worth any pain involved–tooooo good. I hope we get some pictures of what you and the Ma eat! And of course I’m with you–I absolutely love chard, and Kombucha is a ridiculously expensive bottle of bad-tasting blahness.

    • So why is kombucha so trendy?? I think just because it sounds exotic and makes people feel special to have paid so much money for something stupid.

      You know franklins house in London is the only surviving franklin home?

      • *Embarrassed* … yeah, Rome was the FIRST place I spent my formative years before everywhere else. I’m not trying to boast (which I am … which I am not … am … am not) but I grew up in (literally) a dozen different countries. Not all at the same time, of course, though it felt like that sometimes. In Rome, we used to live on Via Cicerone, but frequently had meals out at a tiny little place somewhere on Via della Croce numero 23. I have since learnt that Via Cicerone was in an exclusive district (Prati, near the Vatican), so that must say something about my father’s 80% renegade 20% gentlemanly income and my mum’s 50% crack-bitch fashion design earnings. (Hey, ‘crack biatch’ were mum’s words, not mine….)

  3. I’m with you on the kombucha. I tried it at a farmers market a few weeks ago and did not understand what the buzz was all about. I mean, it didn’t taste horrible (but I didn’t really like it either) but definitely NOT worth the money in my opinion. I think people just like to sound cool and “healthy” by saying they drink it.

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