London eating marathon.

We ate all day. Like, every hour.

By “we,” I mean myself and my mama bear. I don’t generally use the term “mother” because it makes me feel like I’m in the movie Psycho. I don’t know why, but if I use that term I always use it jokingly because I can’t say it seriously. Does anyone else feel like it’s psycho to call your mom “mother,” or is that just me being psycho?

The eating every hour wasn’t planned, but it worked. We went to the city early to get half price tickets to Shrek the Musical. Don’t laugh. I was skeptical about how good it would be, so I was hesitant to spend too much money. We ended up getting front row seats for £30 a piece, and we couldn’t have asked for more perfect seats. The theater was gorgeous and the show was so much fun. I enjoyed every second of it, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting London. It was exactly as The Sun newspaper described: Shrekcellent!

We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but here’s one I snuck:

Because it was 10 am and I’m so used to working early shifts, my head was demanding a coffee and working up a good headache. One mochaccino later and I was set.

We headed over to the Covent Garden Real Food market, which I didn’t even know existed. Apparently it’s only on Thursdays!

We were drawn by the empanadas, and I was super enthused to find they had veggie ones. Spinach, at that!

Chomped it down in about a minute.

Then we had mini creme brulees with burnt sugar on top. Oh my.

Then! This is almost too good for words: Prosecco Jell-O shots with fresh berries. The Brits say “jelly shots,” because they call Jell-O “jelly.” No.

I honestly think I could consume at least 30 Prosecco Jell-O shots.

After the Real Food market we took a bus to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Behind the Cathedral is a new shopping center called One New Change.

Jamie Oliver has a restaurant there and had a stand set up selling pulled pork rolls topped with coleslaw, so we split one and ate on a bench in front of St. Paul’s.

Then we took a bus to Borough Market, where we got a potato topped with melted raclette.

At this point, it was time for Shrek. After Shrek we had Indian. I finally found a good Indian restaurant that doesn’t make me sick!! It was really fresh and light, but still great. Notice my pile of icky cilantro on the table.

Everything my mom does is perfect, and that includes eating. Her side of the table is always spotless, and mine ranges from looking like an entire plate tipped over to minor spillage like this.

I’m off to bed – 5 am work in the morning, more Borough Market for lunch, then the Lion King musical in the evening.


14 thoughts on “London eating marathon.

  1. I want to be the third wheel in your whirlwind tour! That looks like a blast and just the right pace for me. I would especially like to try the Prosecco jello shot, and the spinach empanada. I find myself disappointed when the “veg” option is so often spinach, but that one looked really good.

    To me, cooked spinach is a terrible meat substitute or swap because spinach can so easily get slimy and stringy, whereas beans are a better meat sub because you can give them the same tender loving care (strong seasoning with slow cook temps) and they have better staying power than spinach, to my taste.

    • Yeah that’s true! I love spinach very much so usually don’t mind, but I agree it’s heavily relied upon. And mushrooms are as well!

      I think I might see if I can find some vegetarian jello and make a Prosecco shot recipe, because it was amazing and just plain ol’ fun!

      I’ll be in your homeland of Italy next week. If you have any Rome recommendations, let me know! 🙂

  2. I can’t call my mum mother either, but i could easily eat one of those spinach empanadas! They look yummy, and the jelly shots 😉 Looks like you had a great day!

  3. I only ever call my mum ‘mother’ if I’m jokingly telling her off or pretending to be exasperated with her, like ‘God, mother, what are you doing?!’ Usually it’s just plain old Mum or sometimes I get a bit ghetto and call her Mumdawg. Ha!

    I love this post so much. I want to go on a London eating marathon.

    I’m the same with spilling food on the table! My friends and I used to go out for Chinese meals all the time and at the end of the meal it was always my corner of the table that was covered in noodles and soy sauce.

    • Aw thanks! It was a really fun day.

      Mumdawg=hilarious! And yes, that’s the only appropriate use of mother, in my opinion 🙂

      We messy eaters should be proud!

  4. Man, so much good stuff in this post! I’m really enjoying hearing about all that you are doing with your mom over there! But can I say that I’m more than slightly jealous? I want to come visit and get the food tour of London followed by a trip to Rome!

    Are you a cilantro hater too?!

    I never call my mom, mother. Usually just mom, sometimes “mombo”. Could never call her “mother” unless I’m like Emily (above) and just exasperated with her. BUT, my mom always calls her mom, Mother and her dad, daddy, and for some reason I’ve always thought it was really cute. But you’re right–said with the right tone and it becomes very Psycho-esque! 🙂

  5. I always apologize in advance when I go out to restaurants with anyone–I’m something of an embarrassing mess too, haha. I especially can’t eat sushi in public, because, while theoretically you just put the whole thing in your mouth and there should be minimal mess, pieces fall apart, rice gets everywhere and soy sauce dyes the tablecloth brown. *sigh* I feel like I should have mastered eating skills quite a few years ago.

    Anyway, that was a ramble. I can’t use “mother” either, it just seems weirdly formal. Maybe if I was a member of high society and had been raised by a nanny I’d refer to my mom as “mother,” but until then I’ll stick with Mum, which is equally weird in that I’m not British, but at least I won’t kill anyone in the shower…

    • Exactly, and dates are the worst. That’s why I always try to stay away from dinner dates!
      Haha, I’m glad to know other people think it’s weird too. “Mum” is cool! I always get my mom two mother’s day cards, one for the English and one for the American. The English one always says “Mummy” on it!

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