A girly day out!

I feel like a real girl. I just had a leisurely breakfast with my mom at Carluccio’s in Wimbledon Village, followed by a manicure/pedicure. The morning couldn’t get any girlier.

We saw horse riders in the Village. I love it here. If I ever have enough money to be able to afford a house in London, I’d live in Wimbledon Village.


They don’t have Main Street in England. They have High Streets!



We had something called Bicerin. Espresso + chocolate + cream, and you mix it yourself. This is our second one in less than 24 hours. So good.




Scrambled eggs + mushrooms on grilled bread.


Then off for my first manicure!


During the process the lady asked if I’d ever had one before, and I said no. So she asked what other things I do, and I didn’t know what she meant.

Her: “Oh, like facials, waxing, etc.”

Me: “Ummm …. nothing?”

Her: “Hmm. So you’re low maintenance.”

Me: “… I guess?”

I just don’t get waxing. I mean, I’d never want to have to say to someone, “Sorry! I’m between waxes.” No. How hard is it to just shave your legs and umm … other stuff, every day? Maybe it’s not quite as nice, but I’d rather be decently un-hairy every day than have half of my life spent growing out for a wax. Plus, have you ever had your bikini line waxed? That’s not something I ever wish to experience again.

Oh, and eyebrows – just pluck! Again, I see so many women walking around with wild eyebrows because they’re “growing out for a wax” and it looks so stupid! I don’t get it. If you don’t pluck or wax, that’s fine. It only becomes obvious when people have a perfectly groomed eyebrow surrounded by a few rogue hairs.

Anyway, mint nails! Does having a manicure make me a real girl now? I sound like Pinocchio.


At this point a couple hours had passed so I had to top up with a salad from Paul. I definitely could have done without the goat’s cheese, but otherwise a great salad.


I have a small confession to make. I’ve been craving … hot tea lately. Yesterday at Borough Market I had a chai, and today I chose a hot peppermint tea over a mocha. It’s really soothing on my sore throat (don’t know where it came from!) and it tastes so good.

Could I be a tea drinker now??

We’re off to see the last performance of the play, The King’s Speech, in Leicester Square. I hope it’s good!


2 thoughts on “A girly day out!

  1. We lived in Wimbledon for 3 years and closer to the Village than the train station and I would walk up to the Village every day. I love it, thank you for the pictures, I miss it there and it is nice to see 🙂

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