A visit to Will & Kate’s new house

For Mother’s Day we went on a morning bike ride through Hyde Park followed by an English Sunday roast.

Although I wouldn’t take the bikes for a spin on London’s crazy streets, they are perfect for a ride through the park. At £1 ($1.60) to rent the bike for the whole day, it’s a London bargain!

After weeks of non-stop rain, we were lucky enough to feel some sunshine on the ride.



We rode past the Prince Albert memorial and across the street, Royal Albert Hall.

I can’t get over how good the pictures from my iPhone are!









We ended our ride near Kensington Palace, where Will and Kate are planning to live once renovations are finished. I’ve never actually seen this view of the palace because it’s been under construction for so long and was blocked off by barriers.


Behind the wall are the Will & Kate apartments.


After Princess Diana died, this is the gate where the public placed all their flowers.


The front of the palace, with some kind of gate reminding people to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next month.

Wearing my Indiana State shirt. Sycamores!


My mom is getting to experience the joys of being a Londoner – tubes packed with rowdy football fans.


Sunday roast at The Alexandra in Wimbledon, my favorite pub.


Today we’re taking a tour of Benjamin Franklin’s house near Trafalgar Square – it’s the world’s only surviving Franklin home!

Wednesday we’re off to Rome!!


12 thoughts on “A visit to Will & Kate’s new house

  1. Ugh Sara I am so jealous! I was there when I was a junior in high school…for 10 days and it was BEAUTIFUL. I was born in England on UAF Chicksands air force base near Upper Heyford/Bedford. Anyway we stayed in the Thistle Kensington Hotel across from the park on our trip and it was perfect. London is such a cool place. It’s awesome that you and your Mom get to do all that together and have the weather too. ❤ What a great Mother's Day for you two 🙂

    • Thank you!

      I had no idea you were an Air Force child as well! I lived at a base in England for 7 years, although I wasn’t born here. I came straight to ISU from England!

      If you’re ever back here let me know! 🙂

  2. Are those ALL iphone pictures? Amazing! Mine takes decent ones, but it’s pretty inconsistent. Sounds like you guys are managing to see just about everything there is to see–can I admit to being just a little bit excited to hear about Franklin’s house?

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