More fun in the city

After three straight nights of watching shows in the West End we still got up for an early breakfast.

It was Carluccio’s again, because we’re addicted to the coffee.


I had eggs florentine with hard poached eggs. No runny yolk for me, ever! Mom had eggs benedict.




Friday we saw The Lion King, then last night we saw the last ever performance of The King’s Speech. Both were great!


The King’s Speech theater. Our seats weren’t the best for this one, but we were still close enough to see everything.


We got box seats for The Lion King for half the price of the floor seats, due to the “restricted” view. For that price plus the coolness of having your own box seat, I didn’t mind having the lighting obstructing a small part of the stage. I love box seats! Only £30 a piece for a box seat by the stage, and if you pay that much for seats in the theater you’ll be so far away and surrounded by people.

Another cool thing is that we had a performer come in our box at the beginning of the show to sing as part of the opening act.



My view was slightly restricted, but my mom sat a bit farther back in the box so she could see almost all of the stage.


I love The Lion King musical so much! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!

I know I said last weekend we were off for a bike ride in Hyde Park, but it turned out to be way too rainy. We actually have sun today, so we’re rushing off to bike ride before the clouds settle back in!


3 thoughts on “More fun in the city

  1. Oh, beautiful, exciting, tasty London! Especially the bicerin sounds (and looks) amazing. I’m quite sure I’ve turned a little green with envy. 🙂

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