A look in Benjamin Franklin’s London home

My mom dropped a little bomb on me this weekend. I was rocking out to Kenny Chesney’s duet with Tim McGraw, Feel Like a Rock Star, and I asked her how much she loves the song.

She said, “…well, I don’t love Kenny Chesney.”


Then she said she didn’t even really like country music, and she doesn’t know why I like it because I certainly didn’t get it from home.


Despite this, I still took her along for some coffee and Benjamin Franklin-ing. Yeah, that’s right. I went to Ben Franklin’s house in London. The only surviving Franklin home in the world!

She met me at work and we had mochas at the ScooterCaffee on Lower Marsh, near Waterloo. The mocha was some weird kind of chocolate that was super thick. Good!




After the coffee we went next door where I found this 60s bag that I WANT. You know what I’d use it for? A lunch bag. I have to bring 2-3 meals to work every day, and this would be way better than carrying my food in a crappy orange Sainsbury’s bag.

Too cute, huh?


After work we took an architectural tour of the Franklin home near Charing Cross. It cost £3.50 per person, and since it was a Monday afternoon my mom and I and another woman were the only people there. This place should be packed!

So far I’ve visited the homes of:

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Harrison
Andrew Jackson
Benjamin Franklin

I loved them all, and although Jefferson is not my favorite founding father, Monticello can not be beat. It’s gorgeous.  Here’s the view from his house:

I LOVE American history, because once you study it you realize it’s a lot different than the mythical stories you learn in school.

Outside the Franklin house on Craven Street.




I couldn’t take many pictures because I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to and I was too afraid to ask. He was living in style. He had floor to ceiling windows and the whole first floor to himself. Almost all of the architecture is original from when he lived there.

We stopped off for a drink at our local, but at this point I was so tired! I couldn’t even finish that little glass. Mom had her standard half Guinness, but that wasn’t enough so she got another!





I’m in Rome today! See you Saturday!


5 thoughts on “A look in Benjamin Franklin’s London home

  1. Have an AMAZING time in Rome! I can’t wait to hear all about it–I love that city and dream of going back some day (although I do think Florence is my favorite Italian city). And I’ve gotta agree–Monticello is pretty hard to top. Our founding fathers knew how to live in STYLE.

    • It was a tough choice between Florence and Rome!! I think next time we’ll check out Florence. Have you been to Venice? That made for some great pics too.

      Just thinking about Monticello makes me want to go back. I really don’t think anyone can top Jefferson’s vegetable garden either. They told us that the workers get to keep the veg that grows now!

      • I did Venice, but I think I was just there at the wrong time. It was MOBBED, you couldn’t walk down any of the alleys, through any plazas, get anywhere—everywhere was a solid mass of people. It wasn’t a holiday or anything, just peak tourist time, I guess. So I didn’t really end up with great memories or a desire to go back, but I know other people have had a better time there, guess I just timed it wrong!

        • Oh, yeah I’ve heard that. Everyone said it was packed and smelled awful. But we went during the week in March, so it was pretty empty and of course didn’t smell because it wasn’t hot at all. One weird thing was that the few tourists who were there – ALL American. It was like being back home. So weird. Venice is really cool … but probably not for more than a couple days.

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