As bleak as it gets

I haven’t seen the movie “As Good as it Gets,” so I’m just going off the title here, but if anyone were to make a movie about daily life in England this spring it could be titled “As Bleak as it Gets.”

Look at this!


That’s my mom eating fish and chips, in the rain, on a step outside of a construction site in Southwark because the chip shop decided to close early and kick us out. They rudely handed our fish & chips to us in a package with no salt and vinegar for our chips, no napkins and no fork. We had to ask for all three, and then walk outside in the rain to find a place to eat.



We weren’t angry, though, because this was right before we left for Rome!

Let me tell you, Rome was great! It was about 72 degrees and sunny all three days we were there, and I took almost 700 pictures. I ran out of space and battery on my camera before we even got to the Vatican.

I’m going to edit the pictures tonight and hopefully have at least one Rome post ready for tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


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