Rome: the food!

Our first meal was had at a restaurant near the Spanish Steps. I know! It’s not good to eat directly in front of a tourist destination, but when you’ve been up since 1:45 am and you don’t get to eat until 11, anything will do.

And it was fine! It’s Rome, and it was pizza, so it was as good as any pizza we get in England.

The pizza was further proof that everything mom does is perfect. I looked over at her pizza:

And then looked down at mine:

Aside from the first pizza place, everywhere we went immediately gave us a basket of bread and water.

I’m thinking I need to get a bottle like this to serve water to people when they come to my house!

I had marinated artichokes as a snack, because they seemed to be on every menu. Only crazy people don’t like artichokes.

It was in Rome that I discovered my new favorite drink. I’m an iced coffee lover through and through, but this may have changed my mind.

Meet Marocchino:

Marocchino is a little espresso drink with a teeny bit of milk and cocoa powder – but it’s not sweetened. It tastes like really, really dark chocolate with a bit of coffee. I added only a small amount of sugar, but for the most part drank it bitter and it was everything I could ever ask for from a cup of coffee. Even McDonald’s in Rome had my marocchino lover!

Another one of my favorite meals was a really cheap sandwich from a cafe on a side street. It was an omelet that was filled with spinach, topped with a thin slice of mozzarella and put on a sandwich with some kind of heavenly bread. You know how bread gets sharp and cuts your mouth? This managed to have a crisp without the cut. Good stuff.

Mom had a simple salami + mozzarella. Also good!

In big cities McDonald’s is usually the only place with a bathroom, so we popped into it and were drawn to the McCafe and its huge display of amazing looking desserts.

Here you’ll find the best dessert to ever come to you on a tray:

I can’t believe how good this tiramisu was! I’m not much of a dessert person, but I had a hard time saving half for mama bear.

For dinner the second night we went to a restaurant recommended by the very kind guy at our hotel, which he also said is officially the smallest (legal) hotel in Rome. I’ll post all about that soon!

Mom had sliced beef with balsamic, tomatoes and rocket, and I had onion soup. I could only get soup because my stomach was very shaky due to all the cheese pizzas, gelato and soda I had. Turns out the onion soup was creamy too, but it was still good!

One last thing. I am so glad I randomly starting liking tomatoes before my trip to Rome.

I don’t even remember where this was taken. Maybe somewhere near the Vatican?

Food in Rome = A!


30 thoughts on “Rome: the food!

  1. Most of the time, I eat my pizza the way you do. I have started cutting one “starter” piece out of the crust, so that I can move the bulk of the pizza around better, without having to shift the whole ring that develops from eating inside-out.

    I LOVE the green bottle for serving water at home – genius idea. the markets here have old glass bottles that would be perfect for that.

    totally shaking my head that you ate tiramisu at McDonald’s while in ROMA!!! πŸ™‚ that would be like getting a coffee at a Starbucks in Rome…LOL.

    • lol, it was good!! We went in for the bathroom but were drawn to the dessert!! To be fair we had about 10 tiramisus from all over the city. Too much sugar … but so good!

      I’m glad to hear there are other inside-out pizza eaters, even if you have tried to develop a classier way to eat πŸ™‚

  2. Yay! So glad you liked the food. I told you tomatoes in Italy are something else πŸ™‚

    random fact number 53: marocchino in Italian means Moroccan. And yeah, I have noticed you do pick at your food a lot — look at that pizza, hehehe

  3. Hi, beautiful photos and some nice comments!
    I shared some of your experiences on my various trips to Rome. Allow me to correct you on what a Marocchino is: An Espresso with a bit of chocolate sauce at the bottom and a bit of foamed milk on top, and some cocoa powder. And forgive me for saying this, but sugar really prevents you from tasting the coffee and being able to tell its quality. For some tips on where you drink the best coffee, visit my blog (this link guides you to the post about the best coffe I’ ve ever had, and it happens to have been in Rome:-) :

    Cheers, Caffeamore

  4. This food looks amazing. So attractive and delicious looking! Your photos bring out the colours really well and the weather looks idea too. I hope I do get to go to Italy later this year – if so, this blog post alone is a great appetiser!

  5. All of this food looks amazingly delicious! I went to Italy in August last year and basically ate my way around Rome and other cities, and it was the best holiday ever. I’m craving artichokes after seeing yours. I bought some in a jar after I came back and they’re just not the same.

  6. You are absolutely KILLING me with this post! I think I’m going to make my husband start reading your blog so that I can convince him that we need to move to Europe so that we can have long weekends in Italy! I mean, come on. This is ridiculous! I am so incredibly jealous, but very happy to read about the experiences second-hand. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Now I’m starving and off to eat breakfast….

  7. Well Sara you just need to find a best friend like your mom did, one that likes the edges of the pizza while you enjoy the middle. While your mom does prefer the middle she is much to neat to violate the pizza the way you did. What matters is you enjoyed it and it looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing . Now I’m hungry!

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