Marathon training begins!

My first two days of marathon training are complete. Two words: hot. sore.

I can’t say it’s in any way been easy. I took a month off from running because I was so busy before my mom came to visit, and then I had no time for even a single work out while she was here. It’s amazing how much of a difference a month will make in fitness. Before, I could run three miles and wouldn’t really feel tired afterward. After running three yesterday and two today, I am sore and so tired!

The month + of rain we’ve had in England finally left and we’ve been enjoying temperatures between 75 and 80, which is great!

It’s not too hard to stay motivated on my runs because I’m really lucky and have a lovely running route.

My favorite blue house:


And other cute English homes:



I live close to a large park, and it’s great because it’s not in the city center so there are no tourists! It’s well maintained and spacious, and every time I’m here I forget I live in a big, dirty city.


Anyone who thinks South West London is anything but the best part of the city is crazy.

SW-4-Life, yo.



As you can tell from all the pictures, I took a few walking breaks 🙂


Another reason I love this park is because there is a good mix of pavement and dirt paths so you’re not always on concrete.


I think I might be 75 years old. Every time I see a lawn bowling club, I really, really want to join. Doesn’t this look great?


I can’t wait for retirement.


9 thoughts on “Marathon training begins!

  1. Gorgeous!

    You’re so lucky to be training in such a beautiful setting! Also – nice to have the non-concrete options.

    Lawn bowling sounds great. There’s gotta be a league for young folks. Why wait for retirement?

    • Yep, that’s definitely true! It gets kinda stressful being around city life constantly so I get really excited when I find a nice quiet park with no tourists 🙂

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