Mom’s trip to Borough Market

I’ve been away from blogging for a few days because there has been constant 80 degree weather and sunshine in England, so I didn’t waste one second of it. I have a tan now. The temperature is expected to be back in the 50s by the end of the week, which as far as I’ve ever been able to tell is the average summer temperature in England.

My mom’s been gone more than a week now, but I forgot to post about some of the fun things we did.

We made a couple trips to Borough Market because it’s close to my place of employment and it’s … awesome.


Despite the milk, my random craving for a cup of hot chai tea was too strong so I slurped one down.


Every time I have chai I love it so much that I’m inspired to become one of those hot tea drinking people.


I go to the store and buy a big box of tea, but of course I never drink any of it. I’m just not a tea drinker.

Coffee through and through. I’ll never be a real Brit.

I still have never completed my goal of going to Borough Market with a giant bag and filling it full of fresh vegetables for a late afternoon feast. Maybe this summer?

Speaking of summer, last summer Borough Market had tons of watermelons, and you know what one of my other life goals is? To make one of those giant vodka-filled watermelons. Like college kids do. I know I’m old, but I love watermelon, and this has always seemed like a super fun idea. Vodkamelon. The way forward.

Aren’t these the prettiest ‘shrooms you’ve ever seen?




I think this picture is actually from our random food tour of London a couple days before. Raclette cheese on new potatoes with little pickles. Pepper on top.


Surely Borough has to rank up there with the best food markets in the world?


12 thoughts on “Mom’s trip to Borough Market

          • yay! (tour guide)

            don’t worry! (olympics) living right there, you’ll be able to join the fun ad-hoc. my aunt went up to Vancouver, BC from Seattle and she stayed with friends local to Vancouver; they just went and hung out at bars nearby the area and lots of people who had planned ahead and made sure they got tickets were selling tickets or giving them away after their country got eliminated in a previous round. I’m sure there will be an equivalent serendipitous opportunity for you (if that’s your thing…)

            • Ah yes, that sounds amazing! Im sure London will fall apart during the Olympics, but I’m also sure it will be a lot of fun and maaaybe I can find tickets 🙂

  1. You can’t beat a good cuppa! hehe, even in the heat…
    I’m slightly ashamed to say that i’ve never been to borough market and i’m only 45 minutes away by train… one day i’ll get there! also, those shrooms look very pretty (and that’s coming from a shroom hater)…
    Great pics again!

      • It is! When I saw Borough on there, I was completely unsurprised after the beautiful photos you posted (I think it was) last summer!!

        I just got back from the market yesterday. I didn’t go last week due to a time-crunch, and I realized that even the act of shopping at a grocery store now feels stale compared to the market… It’s weird!

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