Rome: The Spanish Steps

The biggest piece of advice we were given at our amazing little (smallest in Rome!) hotel was “get lost.”

I used to be the kind of person to create maps in Illustrator with attractions and sites to see, and organize them by area in order to maximize my site-seeing potential. I realize this sounds like I’m trying to be whimsical and pretentious, but I’ve started doing this thing when I travel where I don’t plan anything other than my hotel. I just kind of turn up and hope to experience the city.

So, this was exactly what I wanted to hear. He outlined some of the must-see attractions on a map, but in the end said if we wanted to experience Rome we needed to get lost. He saw the big Nikon around my neck and said getting lost would give me the best photos to put on Facebook when I got back home 🙂

I ended up taking so many photos (about 700) that I couldn’t do one post on Rome so I’ve decided to do several and focus on specifics.

We started off at the Spanish Steps.

Although the steps are littered with ugly tourists (not ugly individually, but ugly collectively), they’re lined with bright red flowers which makes everything seem happy.

The first morning we went it was cloudy, but the second time (and rest of the vacation) it was sunny and a perfect 75 degrees.

And when I stopped taking pictures of red flowers I finally walked up the steps.

I still don’t know how I managed to get a picture of these steps with no people in sight. Except for the person in the top right corner snapping a picture!

Can you imagine living in one of these homes? May be a bit loud, but pretty!

I can’t imagine a time in which I would get tired of looking at palm trees. Maybe it’s my Florida roots.

I’m also thinking maybe I could handle having a balcony on my house that looks like this. Maybe.

One of my favorite memories from Rome is when we spent a couple hours sitting on the steps catching rays and relaxing. I don’t get to feel sunshine often so I sat on the steps and picked up energy, like WALL-E or something.

Reliving these Rome memories is making it hard to get back to reality and think about the fact that I have another training run today after work …


13 thoughts on “Rome: The Spanish Steps

  1. it’s amazing the feeling you get when you’re visiting Rome. my ancestors were from Rome, so when I visiting this past September — I felt like I belonged and felt right at home! I love the Italians and I can’t wait to go back! (Hopefully some time soon!)

    • I remember reading on your blog about your Italy trip! I love it too! That’s my second time to Rome now and I’ve also been to Venice. Definitely want to check out more of the country. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! A “we’ll see what we see” approach to vacation is the best. And I love palm trees too, and I’m not even from Florida. They look prehistoric and make me think of dinosaurs and weird extinct mammals. Yeah. I’ll pretend that’s a normal reaction to palm trees.

  3. Love all the pictures, and that’s generally my vacation philosophy as well! Make some tentative plans and then just show up and see where life takes you! That’s what we did in Rome (and Italy in general) while we were there. Looking back I wish we had hit up more of the historic sights, but we really only had like a day and a half there before we moved on to Florence. That just means I have to go back!! 🙂

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