Training along the Thames

Two thoughts about my first two weeks of marathon training.

1) I am so hungry.

2) I’ve never slept better!

I did each three mile run this week along the Thames after work.

I know just yesterday I was complaining about the weather in England, but actually, if you’re running there couldn’t be better weather. It’s been in the 60s and cloudy with a breeze – perfect.

Even though I’ve seen these sites hundreds of times and work by them every day, I still have to stop and take pictures.

There are no tourists in this picture, and any place in central London in which there are no tourists means it probably smells like pee. This corner totally smelled like pee.


The first day I ran along the river toward Lambeth Bridge because I’ve always wanted to get a picture of Parliament from this angle rather than the typical Waterloo angle.


I accidentally left my necklace on. No one likes a sweaty necklace.


After that run I went to the only place I know that serves good iced tea – the Young Vic Theatre (where I saw Patrick Stewart!)

Perfectly unsweetened with a raspberry on top.


Yesterday I ran by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. I hear you can get standing room tickets for £5, and I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never been!


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is this weekend so they’ve put up this giant picture of the Royal Family. I’m sad I have to work from home this weekend because I’d love to see all the celebrations in the city.


Hungerford Bridge by Embankment is maybe my favorite bridge to walk across – especially at night! If you’re ever in London I’d say walking across this bridge when it’s dark is a must. The whole city and river is lit up around you. You can see St. Paul’s Cathedral (where Princess Diana got married), the lights from the South Bank, the London Eye, and Big Ben.


I absolutely love the South Bank and feel so lucky to work here.


As I said, I’ve been ridiculously hungry. I had to start eating some meat, because I’m clearly not good enough/creative enough yet to do otherwise and not go to bed with a hunger headache.

So, I got responsibly sourced fish and fried it up with some polenta, old bay, salt + pepper and paired it with a big pile of rocket, spinach, and potato gnocchi that I fried in a pan with a tiny amount of oil and spices so it would get nice and crispy.

I have better pictures that I took with my Nikon, so I’ll post those, along with a semi recipe, this weekend!


Up next is a seven mile run planned for Saturday!


16 thoughts on “Training along the Thames

  1. I really want to start running, but it feels sooo intimidating to me. I know you just have to start slow, but I can’t even find the motivation to do that. Add on top of that that it’s now in the mid-90’s everyday here, and I can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe this fall? You are definitely inspiring me though!! Keep up the good work!
    Also? I’ve been to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre! We got standing tickets and it was really cool! You should check it out.

    • That’s cool! What did you see? I hear they sometimes do midnight shows, and that sounds cool too.

      I started last year with the Couch to 5K, and I found that really motivating because it was never too hard. I admit, I would not be able to run in the heat of Texas. I’d definitely wait until fall! Also having a race I’ve already paid for is a really really good motivator for me. Otherwise I skip runs right and left. 🙂

        • That’s exactly what I used to do as well! The only reason I’m even able to (kind of) maintain motivation is the fact that I know in 3 months I HAVE to run that marathon. I think signing up for races is the only way to do it! 🙂

  2. What a run! And pee or tourists, quite the decision… You’ve gotta go to the Globe Theatre! And then post about it! That would definitely be on my to-do list if I was in England, and I’m not even thaaaat big of a Shakespeare fan.

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