Rome: The Trevi Fountain

I am in a bad mood today. It’s June 5 and it’s 52 degrees with rain.

This is my face, and this will be my face the entire summer.


The 10 day forecast, along with my experience in England, suggests this is as good as it gets, and for that I’m so depressed.

After I got changed into dry clothes I started putting together some more pictures of the long ago (a month) good days, when I experienced glorious weather.


We went to the Trevi Fountain on the first day after visiting the Spanish Steps. It was a scorcher of a day so I had to stop and buy some sandals because there’s nothing I hate more than hot feet. Except maybe wet feet. Then we went to Aldo, where I saw a guy so hot I actually couldn’t look him in the eye. I’m talking about the kind of hot where you just know you’re not good looking enough to be in his gaze, so you stare at the floor in pure shame.

I didn’t know if my mom noticed the hottie Italian cashier in Aldo, but when we left the shop she said, “Ohmygod that guy gave me hot flashes. Did you see him??”

She asked the whole weekend if we could go back to see Aldo guy, but we couldn’t. I seriously couldn’t look this guy in the eye!

I was so busy taking detail shots I didn’t actually get a shot of the fountain as a whole. Here’s one by mom:

I love looking back through vacation pictures, and that’s what I don’t get about men. They never take pictures of anything, and if they do they never look at them again. For example, one time one of my friends said something like, “Yeah, didn’t you see it in my album on Facebook?” And I was like ” … you mean the ‘album’ where you posted literally five photos from a week-long vacation?”  He saw absolutely nothing weird about going on vacation for a week and posting five pictures. Another example: my ex husband went to Australia (!) for a week and didn’t take one picture of the beach. He said he forgot his camera every single day, which I totally didn’t understand because that would be number one on my checklist! Guys are so funny! My camera goes around my neck before my clothes get put on my body. This is serious business. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Rome: The Trevi Fountain

  1. I am absolutely enraptured by your self-shot (the drenched one, I mean). It’s okay – I’m not doing ‘things’ looking at it, honestly. (Erm, scratch that, that sounds highly inappropriate…)

    La Fontana di Trevi … did you throw coins in the fountain??!! Did’ya, did’ya?!!

    Guys and cameras: Yeah, I hear you. I’m a guy and I don’t understand why guys don’t take pictures on their trips. Ohhhh, you’re so right about guys not taking another look at the 3.2019 pictures from their 28.8381-day trip….

    • Hahaha – thank you 🙂

      Ummm I’m sad to admit I didn’t throw in a coin! I just didn’t even think of it! I was to absorbed with the sun, the views and trying to get through the crowd of people.

      So you’re one of those guys who doesn’t take pictures on trips??

      • Aaaach! No coins?!! Anywhere in Italy, you are MORALLY required to throw a coin in any fountain … how else are the local bovver boys and street urchins going to support themselves??? Ai-yai-yai, naughty girl you are.

        Noooo, I take lots of pictures. Never mind the fact that I also lose them all because of some accident or something, but I take tons of pics. I have a relative who went on a round-the-world trip for 6 months after university, and took just a grand total of TWO ROLLS of film … *eyeroll*

        Can I haz more drenched pictures from you? Erm, never mind, don’t think your hubby’s too pleased with that request…

  2. Before I saw the Trevi Fountain, I never knew it was possible to fall in love with a fountain. But apparently it is and that is what I did. Although, because I am a tourist who hates tourists, I really wanted everyone else to just bugger off so I could sit and enjoy it in peace. The legend goes that if you throw a coin in you will be sure to return to Rome, and then I heard another rumour that the money is taken out periodically and used to subsidise a supermarket for homeless people. Not sure if I believe that but it would be wonderful if it were true.

    Your photos are gorgeous, as per usual.

    • I feel the same way! In my recent travels I’ve taken to falling in love with statues. They are so random in Europe and always beautiful and weird at the same time. Also I agree. I hate tourists … although I’m a tourist!

      How did I not hear about this coin tossing thing before I went??? I hope this doesn’t mean I won’t go back to Rome 🙂

      And thanks!!

    • The legend is true about the subsidy. Used to be street urchins who took the coins out in the dead of night, but the police put a stop to that (because of gangs fighting for turf control). Then the social services came in or something and now uses the coins for shelters or something.

  3. tossing coins is overrated…I tossed one in the fountain in 1998. Haven’t been back to Rome since. 😉

  4. It’s not just boys who don’t take pictures! I was talking to a girlfriend recently right before her honeymoon and told her I couldn’t wait to see the pictures and she was like, “oh yeah, I guess I better pack a camera!” WHAAAT?!? You almost left for your HONEYMOON with no camera?! What the hell kind of world do you live in, lady?
    Well that’s what I wanted to say, but I refrained:) Good job remembering your camera and taking lots of gorgeous photos for all of us poor schlumps sitting in our florescent-lighted offices to enjoy!
    Also loved your description of the hot boy. I know just the level of hotness that you describe and exactly the feeling you had. It’s like, “no don’t look at me…I’m not worthy!” Hahaha.

    • What! That is unbelievable!! A honeymoon … and no pictures!!?

      Are there lots of hot boys in Austin? That might up Austin on my potential places to live list 🙂

      • Well it’s been a while since I’ve been in the market so to speak, but a lady can still browse and yes! I can definitely confirm that there are plenty of hot boys in Austin!

        Also? We do things like watch Mean Girls in the park on summer nights.
        That’s what I did last night with some girlfriends and I definitely thought about you and how much you would have loved it! It was put on by a radio station and a local health food store (similar to Whole Foods). Everyone brought blankets and lawn chairs and they had a huge movie screen. They handed out free snacks (pita chips and hummus), had cheap Blue Moon and margarita popsicles. If you come to Austin, you can do fun things like that! 🙂

        • UM, I’M THERE. Yes, you know I love Mean Girls! And all of that sounds seriously amazing. I love Drive In theaters too. For some reason there are a lot in Dayton. No idea why, because there are very few elsewhere.

          Austin is inching toward number one … 🙂

  5. I love your Rome posts, but they also make me so sad and nostalgic–I want to go back and re-see all these wonderful things! And, perhaps, spot a dreamy Italian guy of my own…

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