Spicy smoked rainbow chard

Greens make me happy. Like, really happy.

When my mom was here I had an amazing, yet simple, discovery.

Rainbow chard.

On a random trip to Whole Foods they had some on sale and I thought it looked pretty so I threw it in my little cart and went on with my day. But wow!

It was nice having someone to cook with! Normally my evenings consist of me running around the kitchen by myself and listening to Tune In on my iPhone.

I try not to sing anymore because I had an embarrassing moment recently where I thought I was alone so I played the same song at least eight times in a row, sang loudly each time, and then my housemate’s girlfriend appeared out of nowhere. I pretty much looked like a psycho who listens to bad songs on repeat, and then sings badly to said bad songs.

So, when mom was here I didn’t have to pretend to be cool, because oddities are a lot more acceptable when you’re not on your own.

Mom washed. I chopped (and took photos – that counts as work, right?).

I can’t think of any greens I don’t like, so I guess it’s not a surprise this made my face happy. We did a simple pan-fry with garlic, onion and asparagus tips.

We bought humanely raised British bacon and cooked it up with that, but I made the chard again without the bacon and it was fine. I have some smoked sea salt that I added to it and honestly didn’t notice the difference.

Baguette to mop up the juice.

The smoked sea salt + spicy chili powder aaallmost had me feeling like I was eating Southern collard greens, and boy do I miss those. Does life get much better than collard greens and fried maters?

Wine to sip! It doesn’t appear so in this picture, but generally my mom poured less wine into my glass because she says I don’t know how to drink. 🙂 I’m a disappointment!

Vegan cupcake to finish. I love the vegan cupcakes from Whole Foods. They’re a lot thicker and tastier than normal cupcakes!

I’m a total loser so I’m going to bed in thirty minutes. It’s 6:30 p.m. See you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Spicy smoked rainbow chard

  1. Your whole foods sells cupcakes?? Like, in the bakery section? The local ones here have okay-ish muffins (weird texture in a bad way, I think they use way too much starch) and amazing cookies, but I’ve never seen cupcakes. Which is a shame. Rainbow chard is so pretty! Even if it’s no collards…

    • Yeah, they’re a local bakery I guess. The WF London is HUGE. The biggest one I’ve ever seen. Although even in the tiny one near me they have the vegan cupcakes. You’re missing out! 🙂


    I love vegetarian and vegan food because it’s so creative by nature – but it also gets creative in how to match the texture and taste of their dairy/meaty counterparts.

    A friend of mine made vegan pizza for me once – it was amazing. I recommend you make it immediately! http://veganmonster.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/the-best-vegan-pizza/

    By the way, I’m the Beth that’s been commenting on your posts, but I’ve just noticed I’m signed into my blog account, Fourth Broomstick, so you might not have known it’s me!

    • Haha, I didn’t know it was you! I just read your last post about scones and it’s made me crave one big time.

      Thanks for the pizza link – making a homemade pizza has been on my list for a while but I’m always scared of making the crust 😦 I agree about vegan and vegetarian food though. It’s so much more creative than just a piece of meat + side dish on a plate.

      The Whole Foods is near High St Kensington station by Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park. Really nice area! Whenever I go there I like to rent a bike for £1 and ride around the park for a bit first 🙂

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