I’m finally ready for my high school reunion.

So, I got business cards for my blog.

When they came in the mail I immediately felt like Romy and Michele.

I told all my friends. I was handing them out willy nilly, but it turned out I was handing them to people who already read my blog. Or people who know about my blog but say, “Your blog … that you post on Facebook every single day? Why would I need your card?” F off. Take my card.

Getting business cards is super exciting, even if all your friends make fun of you for having them. It also means that on the rare occasion I meet a random person, I can tell them about my blog without having them write the URL on a nasty napkin or on the back of a piece of paper. I’m owning this.

I always thought going to my high school reunion would be torture, but now that I can go and hand out a biz card and pretend like I invented Post-its (or write about food), I’m totally going. And dressing like Romy and Michelle.

Two random thoughts:

1) I saw Prometheus this weekend. It was … not great. The beginning of the movie was so awesome that I was geared up for my face to be blown off. But then the acting was really bad, the main character’s face was annoying, and it Jesus-ed out at the end.

2) I have an obsession with this song. I don’t know. Maybe I’m 70 years old.

I did a much better job eating enough to stay full last week. I ran four miles Tuesday, rested Wednesday and Thursday and then ran five miles Friday.

Due to the fact that I’d worked two weeks straight, including the weekend, I was getting pretty stressed! I ran way too hard Friday and am still sore today, and I drank way too much after. I got a bit English.

Here’s the fish fried in polenta that I told you about last week. It’s so good! I used the same seasoning for the okra.

Mostly polenta with a little white flour + Old Bay + s&p + garlic powder

Of course there was a big pile of rocket on the side, drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil.

See my boyfriend in the background? Little iPhone <3, we’re still so in love. He eats at the table with me every night and sings country music to me so I don’t get lonely.

Okra, get in muh belly.

Until next time …


9 thoughts on “I’m finally ready for my high school reunion.

  1. Those pictures are amazing.
    And the fact that you have business cards for your blog just made me like you about a thousand times more than I already did. Hilarious!

  2. I came home to find that my okra that was TOO SMALL when I left became TOO BIG over the course of the weekend. So bummed, now I have to wait on the next round of too small ones. Anyway, too much working out followed by too much drinking? Sounds like living life just right, if you ask me–who is a girl who likes lifting heavy things at the gym and several glasses of good beer…so my opinion may be a bit biased…

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