Rome: The Pantheon

Hello from England! Although I’m looking out my window and this is what I see …


… life still isn’t so bad. I mean, it’s grim, but as long as you don’t go outside you’re grand. 🙂

I’m drinking grape juice mixed with carbonated water and eating a happy, random meal. Goodlife vegan nut burger, onion rings, rocket salad with sliced strawberries and balsamic + olive oil.

Yesterday I came straight home because of the rain and watched a black and white version of Anne of Green Gables (!! love that book!!) on BBC and fixed up my pictures of the Pantheon.

By the time we got to the Pantheon we were beat. We’d already been to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain so it seemed like we’d walked miles and miles. I was definitely envisioning a cab ride in our immediate future.

Finally we stumbled upon what I thought could be the back of it. Is this it?? Is this it?? It looks old so it must be it. Finally!

This fountain didn’t look so cool, but close up I was loving it.

The funny thing about this picture of my mom is that she looked concerned and asked me if I thought it was safe to drink the water from the street fountain. Around Rome there are tons of fountains where you can drink straight from the water that pours out onto the ground.

I said, “Well, I guess so. I’ve seen lots of people washing their faces with it and filling up water bottles.” As I said this she told me she’d already filled up her bottle and had been drinking from it.

I didn’t realize you could go inside the Pantheon as well, so we ran right in.

People kept talking so occasionally someone would come on the big speaker and tell everyone to shut up, which was humorous because they had to do it in several languages and still no one was quiet.

When we left we had what I’d consider to be one of the scariest cab rides of my life. In Rome there are no rules of the road. The only rule is that if there’s a space on the street and you think your car can fit – go for it. Same thing with crossing the street. Just run across and hope for the best.


16 thoughts on “Rome: The Pantheon

  1. Boo grey skies! It’s actually quite bright and sunny Up North today, which is unusual haha.

    Your pictures are making me miss Rome! I am ashamed to admit that my friend and I never actually realised that you can go into the Pantheon. I guess this is as good an excuse as any to go back one day and see things that I missed the first time.

      • Ah, I’m so embarrassed to think that we just looked at the outside and never went in! Oh dear oh dear.

        The chances of it staying fine up here for very long are quite slim but it’s always nice while it lasts.

  2. Ahh, I remember those crazy roads. And the last time I went to Italy we rode around with an Italian friend of the family–and I just sat in the backseat with my eyes closed, convinced there was absolutely NO WAY we and the car barreling toward us could both fit down the narrow little roads. Terrifying. They had to be passing with a max of an inch between mirrors.

    And your take on the weather is the same as my take on the weather. Just stay inside and it’ll be…slightly less miserable, haha.

    • It’s insane isn’t it??? How are there not more wrecks? Although I did notice when I was sitting on the curb waiting for our bus that a lot of the cars have dents and scratches around their bumpers. I imagine this would be an easier way to live actually. If you never had to worry about the state of your car there’d be way less stress!

      • I had a beat up old car before my current one–and I have to admit, there IS a level of freedom/not caring that comes with it–why NOT leave it outside in a hailstorm? It can’t really UNimprove its looks… And I’ve heard the driver’s license test in Italy is incredibly difficult, I wonder if that contributes to the lack of accidents.

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