Stilton asparagus puff pastry tart

When my mom came to visit I wanted to make her something English so I came up with a totally experimental Stilton veggie tart made with puff pastry.

Crumbles of Stilton from Waitrose on the bottom topped with asparagus tips, tender stem broccoli tips and sliced red onion. I spread a little of sharp cheddar cheese and drizzled a bit of EVOO on top and baked for about 25 minutes on 220 C. Once the edges were turning golden I pulled it out and placed a few sweet pomodorino tomatoes on top.

The only problem was the lack of veggies! I packed it full before it went into the oven and genuinely thought I over did it (like you can overdo veggies??), but this could have handled twice as many.

I love using puff pastry blocks because I feel like a fancy pants even though it’s super easy.

One block made four random rectangular/square shapes for us. It’s surprisingly hard shaping dough. Or maybe I just need to go back to Kindergarten.

Despite the inconsistent shapes, they came out well.

When mom was here she liked eating out, so if we ate at home I had to promise her a pint at our local.

Guinness for mom. Prosecco for me!

Totally random confession for the people who say I’m too healthy: Today for breakfast I ate Cheetos and blonde brownies. Topped off with an iced mocha. Breakfast of champs?


16 thoughts on “Stilton asparagus puff pastry tart

  1. Those were delicious! I wish I could get the puff pastry blocks here because I would definitely make those! I guess I’ll have to learn how to make puff pastry. And who doesn’t like a pint at the local? 🙂

  2. I had popcorn and half a frozen a banana. Some morning just call for weird food. Cheetos are totally the breakfast of champions. Or at least they should be. And puff pastry makes everything look so fancy! I’ve never baked with it, but now I feel like I need to.

  3. That looks awesome! Shop bought puff pastry is actually a miracle item – it’s not super expensive, it’s delicious, and it looks so posh even though it’s so easy. Stilton and asparagus are an amazing combination.

    Guinness and Prosecco? You and your mother are very classy ladies indeed 🙂

    • That’s what I like to think 😉

      Apparently some of the puff pastry is vegan too, which is cool! I haven’t yet made anything vegan with it, but I hope to soon.

    • Well, my mom also said they aren’t easy to find like they are here. Here, you can get them in the chilled section where you’d find those pre-made cookie dough squares that you bake for 10 mins and they’re done. I think she said it’s more common to find them frozen in the US? Which is totally uncool, because that’s a hassle.

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