Yellow beans + cherry tomato summer pasta

The thing about photographing food is that you have to take the time to photograph it before you eat it. This really doesn’t work well for me, because to do it properly you need to take a fair amount of pictures. Lately I’ve been snapping like, six, hoping they’re fine and then munch munch.

Yesterday I felt like I was making a big error putting beans in pasta, but it was wunderbar.

I was in Wimbledon Village when I stumbled upon a nice little supermarket called Bayley & Sage and found yellow beans, which I was genuinely excited about. I feel like being this excited about finding beans is some kind of reflection on my coolness factor/age …

I also bought locally grown maters and fresh egg tagliatelle.

Yeller beans. Chopped and tossed into the sauce with just a few minutes to go so they’d maintain their crunch.

To make the “sauce” I heated cherry tomatoes, a garlic clove, olive oil, white wine, lemon juice and s&p.

For garnish I added a few sliced raw tomatoes.

Twirl in the salad.



20 thoughts on “Yellow beans + cherry tomato summer pasta

  1. I’ve never had yellow beans I don’t think! How are they different than green? I might have to try to find some. Lovely pictures as always. And as always, now I’m hungry!

  2. I’ll admit it, I sat by my garden and watched my green beans this morning. Yup, I watched beans grow. I get that excited about beans, too. I gave up on “cool” years ago…

  3. They look good at me, as does this dish. I’ve been taking like 140 photos of each recipe recently. It’s so simple to do with my new DSLR… It takes a while to sort through them though.

  4. That looks absolutely lovely! I’ve been craving fresh tomato dishes lately – maybe it’s a summer thing – but I totally plan to make this.

    • Thanks! I also recommend getting a good quality fresh pasta, or making it yourself. That made a huge difference, because I’ve kind of been going off pasta lately but this was great. 🙂

  5. I remember when I first saw white asparagus – I was like whaaaat. Then I heard that white asparagus was the norm in Germany, and probably other European countries, and GREEN is the weirdo color. Whaaaat.

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