Independence Day in London

What do a Kiwi, an Italian, some Canadians, a Northern Irishman, some English and an Estonian have in common?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a dirty joke. The answer is an undying love for the good ol’ USA and a desire to celebrate it in style with their favorite American friend.

Maybe that’s a joke, too. But in any case, we gathered and ate and drank!

I made cornbread that was gone almost immediately. My American friend Melizza made amazing chocolate chip cookies, and they were gone before I took a picture.

I did, however, get a picture of the bread she made.

Manuela made her perfect apple pie.

And that completes the food photos! I can’t believe I took no photos of the food other than this. We also had burgers, lots of mixed drinks, and three different salads.

Although we had to celebrate a bit early I’m really glad I decided to do something this year rather than feel like I’m missing out while all my friends back home have cook outs and parties.

These are my two American friends. I don’t now why I look so crazy here.

Most of the people who came were people from work. I don’t think I’ll ever again be lucky enough to work with such cool people.

I hope everyone here had a fun “Fourth of July” and that all my friends back home have a fun one in a couple weeks!

Happy 4th! πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Independence Day in London

  1. Umm, amazing. This looks like a blast and a half. And makes me wish my 4th celebrations in the US were as fun as the ones out of it, haha. I’ll be working. And then maybe I’ll hold a sparkler when I get home in the evening.

  2. Usually I’m caught up in your food photos and recipes, and you totally captivated me with the people photos in this post. LOL.

    Looks like it was a great time and you have several alternative modeling careers if you ever decide to go that way…

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all! Don’t you love having awesome coworkers?! It makes all the difference. I too love my coworkers, which makes the job a hundred times better!

    And now I’m thinking that I should bake a pie for the 4th! I’ve been itching to bake, even though I’m not much of a baker and we’ve been talking about pies at work. So that settles it! An old fashioned apple pie to celebrate the homeland! πŸ™‚ A la mode of course since I have to include ice cream in everything these days!

    • Good luck on the pie baking! I get so angry every time I bake something sweet because it never turns out. How can it be so hard when it seems so simple – follow the directions. Not simple. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, we’ll see how it goes! I’ve been cooking all of Annabel’s fruits before I put them in the food processor to make them softer. The other day I added some cinnamon and realized it was just like a pie filling, so I’m hoping I can just do that with a little bit of sugar (apples are really sweet when cooked, so hopefully I won’t need much!) and throw it into a crust! Probably sounds easier that it will be.

        Aaaanndd…now I’m going to eat breakfast because all of this food talk is making me really hungry! πŸ™‚

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  5. Looks like so much fun!! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there.. I miss you all immensely. And I agree with you, I don’t think I’ll ever be lucky enough to work with such cool people again either…

    • We miss you too!! It’s sad looking over and seeing your empty chair 😦

      Be sure to take lots of pics of Dubai! Manuela and I were looking at ticket prices!

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