Night walk across Tower Bridge

One of my friends took me out for an American dinner Tuesday night because I was being moody and needed a fun time. Afterward we walked past the Tower of London and then across Tower Bridge because it was right there, and there’s never, ever a time when it’s not fun to walk across this bridge at night.






It was cool because we got to see the Olympic rings before they were let down the next day.






See all the experiences I’m now able to share because of my iPhone?? iPhone, I love you.


16 thoughts on “Night walk across Tower Bridge

  1. I think it’s about time I get an iPhone! I want to be able to photograph so much, but I don’t even own a camera! I still have a silly flip phone – no joke, several of my co-workers have walked by my desk, seen my phone out, and asked me what it is. I do marketing for a technology company, bu I, myself, am about 5 years behind everyone else… O.o

  2. I can’t believe you took those pictures on your iPhone! Now I really, really want one! Even more than I already did. I’m thinking that might be a birthday present to myself when I turn 30 in a few months! 🙂

  3. LOVE the pics! Also a big fan of night walks!!

    (I’m back-stalking your posts because I’ve been MIA for so long.) It’s great to see how London’s been treating you (excluding the race – I second that the poster who said I don’t know you well, but damnit I’d make a t-shirt if I knew someone running a 10k!!)!

    …Every summer, I start to long for living in a big city, away from rural life, so I’m eating up all the photos! 🙂

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