Canada Day in London

Canada Day is celebrated in Trafalgar Square every year, but with my being American I’ve never attended out of fear I’d have their traditional chips covered in gravy and cheese thrown at me.

I joke. Canadians might possibly be the least offensive people on Earth?

When I found out Our Lady Peace was going to be performing a free show this year, my American butt was there.

It wasn’t my intention to wear a sweatshirt that screamed American, but it’s all I had. Either Indiana State or Ohio University. It was fine though, because no one noticed me or tossed gravy at me. They were too busy being Canadian!






Eventually the show started, and I rocked out (sat on a step with my American friend) for about thirty minutes.



Then they stopped! They played maybe seven songs and they were done. I think maybe they didn’t play much because they’re doing a real show at the O2 tonight. Still, I’ve wanted to see Our Lady Peace for more than 10 years, so in that sense I was satisfied.

Happy Canada Day!


7 thoughts on “Canada Day in London

  1. Yeah, I saw a free concert from one of my favorite new bands, “Fun.” (yes, with a period on the end.) Fun. had a free concert before their actual paid-for concert too. Tickets for the real one were in the $100’s, so I gladly went to the free one. It was so crowded, I couldn’t even see the band! And they maybe played 5 songs. Of course I’m glad I went, but now I know what to expect from a free concert! I got them to sign a birthday card for my friend though, which is pretty rad!

      • America should also have a Canada Day, right? I live near Detroit, 30 minutes from the bridge to Canada and I’ve never heard of a Canada Day! We do celebrate Cinco de Mayo though, which is always fun. 😉

        • That’s really weird!! I definitely think we need to learn more about Canada in school, because coming to England and meeting so many Canadians has made me realize I don’t think I ever learned anything about Canada in school. 😦

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