I believe there are a lot of ways to stay fit, whether it’s playing Just Dance 2 every night (so fun!), running every day or anything in between. I think the key to health is to simply stay moving.

The hardest part for me? Not getting bogged down by my desk job.

Before I started focusing on fitness again I went to work every day and sat at my desk for 8 hours straight. My legs would hurt from not moving all day, but I’d still feel so tired. I never wanted to do anything.

All through your life in school you are used to learning all the time and achieving goals. In my first job I felt like every day was the same, except I had less and less energy. Although I have a great job, I wasn’t learning anything new, and I was no longer bettering myself. At the begining of this year I decided it was time for a change.

I started learning HTML and CSS, and I started running again. In college I was in Air Force ROTC and was in quite good shape due to all the fitness training. My goal was to get in that kind of shape again because I felt great about myself both because of how I felt physically and because I was constantly pushing myself.

I completed the Air Force Marathon 10K in Dayton, Ohio September 17, 2011.

Last fall I ran a 5K and finished in 36 minutes, but I knew I could do better so I trained and in March 2012 finished a 5K race in Clapham in 29 minutes.

I’m running the British 10K in July, and in September I hope to complete my first marathon in Dayton, Ohio for United States Air Force Marathon.

Race recaps:

Stroke Associate 5K in Clapham
Air Force Marathon 10K recap

Running posts:

Signing up for my first marathon
Marathon training – week 1
Marathon training – week 2 (along the Thames)
4 mile loop – Blackfriars to Westminster and back
9 miles through central London
Wimbledon Common 10 miles 


19 thoughts on “fitness

  1. Ooh your 10k is coming up soon! Are you excited? I love running And hope the training has been fun for you. I like doing everything from a 5k to half-marathon (and once completed a marathon but wouldn’t say I liked it). Can’t wait to hear about your race!

    • Thanks! To be honest, I’m more scared! I was training hard for a while but the past couple weeks I’ve been so busy. I’m worried I’ll be able to run only 4 miles of it 😦

      Hopefully in the next three weeks I can add another mile!

      That’s awesome that you ran a marathon. Even though a 10K will be my longest race I love reading about other runners’ training and races!

  2. I was toying with the idea of that one, but I think it might be a little short for me and also lack of running partner. I’m planning the Bacchus marathon, it should be a lot of fun.

    • I don’t have a running partner either 😦 but I’m nowhere near being able to run a marathon! I think it should still be a fun race though. Do you run a lot of races in the city?

  3. Erm I’ve never actually run a race, just solo stuff up the river in Cambridge (18 miles max so far). I think I probably should run a city race, just to get the feel of what a race is like. How fast do you run?

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