I sing about chewing tobacco.

God help me. How did I become the kind of person who listens to music in which the lyrics discuss buying wintergreen Skoal and main street gas? Is there anything nastier than people who chew tobacco??

One time at a speech during school this guy from my class was being really sneaky and spitting his chew into a Pepsi can while we were supposed to be listening and taking notes. Guess what happened? Toward the end of the speech his can tipped over and I got his tobacco-laced spit all down my nice pants. At the point I was like, I honestly would not care if this guy died right now. He could fall over dead and I wouldn’t blink an eye. GROSS. (Sure, this was in Terre Haute, Indiana, but still. Disgusting.)

I am ashamed to admit I bought Toby Keith’s whole album today because I’m so obsessed with his song “Beers Ago,” where he references spending his last few pennies on chew. I’m not even going to put a link to it. I hate him! But I love him.

Anyway. There’s no good segue from chew to watermelon, so I’m just going to get on with it.

I forgot how much I love watermelon. Eating watermelon makes me so happy I want to sing. It makes me forget I work in a basement, in a country that’s almost always covered in clouds.

Snack at work today:


Work has been nothing but busy, busy, busy, so by 7:30 p.m. I was ready to clear my head. At that point the clouds had cleared as well, and it was perfect running temperature.

I ran a really good four miles from Blackfriars Bridge, along Victoria Embankment, back across the bridge at Westminster and then back along the South Bank.

Also! I got a new running app for my iPhone and boy is it exciting. It tells me how far I’ve gone, maps my run, tells me my pace, etc. It’s like … magic.


With the help of Dierks Bentley my run went by in a flash. It was such a nice evening. I almost considered doing the loop again, but my shuffle was out of battery and I’m not to the point where I can zone out as easily without music.



I’m always concerned about running along roads because of fumes from cars, but for some reason when I run along the embankment I can only smell the Thames (which some people might argue is worse than car fumes!). Anyway, works for me!

I realized when I was running through tourists that I’m finally one of those people. Whenever I’d travel to cities like New York I’d see people jogging and think, “I wonder what it must be like to do daily activities here, like running through the park. Totally normal to that person!”



After work and running it was too late to cook (up at 5 tomorrow!) so I got a veggie pizza from Sainsbury’s only to discover those sneaky Brits put corn on it. I don’t get the English and their corn fetish. It’s in everything!

My nightstand works double time as a dinner table. Single life, huh?



Welcome to the Fishbowl

I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled food update to update you about something I’ve just discovered.

(Give this a chance!! For me!)

On the Seventh Day, Kenny Chesney met Tim McGraw and together they created this:

Even better is that it’s part of Kenny’s upcoming album, Welcome to the Fishbowl, in June. I. Can’t. Wait.

If I were a small child, I’d wet myself.