I’m finally ready for my high school reunion.

So, I got business cards for my blog.

When they came in the mail I immediately felt like Romy and Michele.

I told all my friends. I was handing them out willy nilly, but it turned out I was handing them to people who already read my blog. Or people who know about my blog but say, “Your blog … that you post on Facebook every single day? Why would I need your card?” F off. Take my card.

Getting business cards is super exciting, even if all your friends make fun of you for having them. It also means that on the rare occasion I meet a random person, I can tell them about my blog without having them write the URL on a nasty napkin or on the back of a piece of paper. I’m owning this.

I always thought going to my high school reunion would be torture, but now that I can go and hand out a biz card and pretend like I invented Post-its (or write about food), I’m totally going. And dressing like Romy and Michelle.

Two random thoughts:

1) I saw Prometheus this weekend. It was … not great. The beginning of the movie was so awesome that I was geared up for my face to be blown off. But then the acting was really bad, the main character’s face was annoying, and it Jesus-ed out at the end.

2) I have an obsession with this song. I don’t know. Maybe I’m 70 years old.

I did a much better job eating enough to stay full last week. I ran four miles Tuesday, rested Wednesday and Thursday and then ran five miles Friday.

Due to the fact that I’d worked two weeks straight, including the weekend, I was getting pretty stressed! I ran way too hard Friday and am still sore today, and I drank way too much after. I got a bit English.

Here’s the fish fried in polenta that I told you about last week. It’s so good! I used the same seasoning for the okra.

Mostly polenta with a little white flour + Old Bay + s&p + garlic powder

Of course there was a big pile of rocket on the side, drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil.

See my boyfriend in the background? Little iPhone <3, we’re still so in love. He eats at the table with me every night and sings country music to me so I don’t get lonely.

Okra, get in muh belly.

Until next time …


Fish sticks, in Italian

On G-chat I informed my Italian friend that I was eating a lovely (gag!) lunch of fish sticks and diet coke.

In England they say fish “fingers,” so a lot of people laugh when I say fish sticks.

Manuela:  lol “fish sticks”
 me:  lol
Manuela:  it’s a stick of fish. darling, pass me a stick of fish
me:  yeah, finger makes it sound nicer than it is
it really is a molded, breaded stick of “fish”
 Manuela:  yeah true
to be fair in italian we call them fish little sticks
 me:  little?
 Manuela:  bastoncini di pesce
cos a stick is bigger, on average, than that. definitely longer
 me:  ha ha so you’ve taken it literally
guys look, sticks are bigger
we need to clarify
 Manuela:  yup!
 me:  lol so funny
 Manuela:  bastoncini as opposed to bastoni
 me:  what is bastoni?
 Manuela:  sticks
 me:  like from a tree?
 Manuela:  yeah or walking stick

Not to be confused with a fish stick.