I signed up for a marathon (!) / Leaving university crisis

Today’s post is a dual theme! Part exciting, part crisis!

On a whim last week I decided to sign up for my first marathon. The United States Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio, to be exact. I’m so excited!!

I ran the 10K last year and thought the race was so much fun, but I never thought I’d be able to run a marathon. I really enjoy racing and have been thinking I want to go for it and do longer distances, but I never found a marathon in London that I really wanted to do.

Once I got the idea in my head last week it wouldn’t go away. Why can’t I run a marathon? I changed my vacation plans to make it to Ohio two weeks earlier, and $90 later I was signed up for my first marathon.

I’m using Hal Higdon’s 18 week marathon training plan because I’ve seen him recommended on a few blogs, and the plan seems doable for me this summer considering I have only four months to train.

In other news: I might be having some sort of crisis. My friend Clay reminded me that we’ve officially been out of college as long as we were in it. WHAT?!

How has it been four years since graduation?? I remember it like it was yesterday. In our minute-long reminiscence of school we recalled the time we left the newsroom to go to Long John Silver’s and got in trouble for not bringing our cell phones or telling anyone where we were going, which undoubtedly lead to newsroom chaos. As news editors at the Indiana Statesman, we were highly important, you see. Stories about lack of attendance at SGA meetings won’t write themselves!

I want to go back to ISU. Maybe for like, a year. But I want my current lifestyle and amount of money I have now. Basically I want my current life, but minus all the work. I guess maybe I could go to some classes, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t attend any more now than I did back then.

Another thing I miss about school is cheap rent. I paid $280 a month for a room in a two-bed apartment just off campus. I pay about $1,100 a month for a room in a four-bed house in London. Granted, London is a tiny bit cooler than Terre Haute, Indiana, but thinking about those numbers makes my heart hurt.

Does anyone else after being out of school for 4+ years still want to leave the real world and go back to college??