Yellow beans + cherry tomato summer pasta

The thing about photographing food is that you have to take the time to photograph it before you eat it. This really doesn’t work well for me, because to do it properly you need to take a fair amount of pictures. Lately I’ve been snapping like, six, hoping they’re fine and then munch munch.

Yesterday I felt like I was making a big error putting beans in pasta, but it was wunderbar.

I was in Wimbledon Village when I stumbled upon a nice little supermarket called Bayley & Sage and found yellow beans, which I was genuinely excited about. I feel like being this excited about finding beans is some kind of reflection on my coolness factor/age …

I also bought locally grown maters and fresh egg tagliatelle.

Yeller beans. Chopped and tossed into the sauce with just a few minutes to go so they’d maintain their crunch.

To make the “sauce” I heated cherry tomatoes, a garlic clove, olive oil, white wine, lemon juice and s&p.

For garnish I added a few sliced raw tomatoes.

Twirl in the salad.



Pizza Metro Pizza

One of the best things about living in a giant city like London is discovering all the amazing restaurants. For my friend Polis’ birthday last week we went to Pizza Metro Pizza in Battersea, near Clapham Junction.

It’s supposed to be authentic Italian pizza. Whether or not it was, it was most certainly amazing. They bring a big metal riser onto your table, and the pizza comes out as one long rectangle.

Polis, his sister and I all ordered pizza, so it came as one giant pizza which we then cut for ourselves.

I went for the basic cheese and basil, but lately I’ve been having a kind of affair with cherry tomatoes on pizza so I got a little jealous seeing them on Polis’ pizza!

I don’t think there was any way I could make this pizza look as good as it tasted. It was fantastic! Super thin and really fresh sauce, exactly the way I like!

If you’re ever in London, definitely check out this place!