Canada Day in London

Canada Day is celebrated in Trafalgar Square every year, but with my being American I’ve never attended out of fear I’d have their traditional chips covered in gravy and cheese thrown at me.

I joke. Canadians might possibly be the least offensive people on Earth?

When I found out Our Lady Peace was going to be performing a free show this year, my American butt was there.

It wasn’t my intention to wear a sweatshirt that screamed American, but it’s all I had. Either Indiana State or Ohio University. It was fine though, because no one noticed me or tossed¬†gravy at me. They were too busy being Canadian!






Eventually the show started, and I rocked out (sat on a step with my American friend) for about thirty minutes.



Then they stopped! They played maybe seven songs and they were done. I think maybe they didn’t play much because they’re doing a real show at the O2 tonight. Still, I’ve wanted to see Our Lady Peace for more than 10 years, so in that sense I was satisfied.

Happy Canada Day!


Happy early birthday, USA

I haven’t had anything to say this week, so I haven’t blogged much. Maybe it’s something in the air, because Laura recently wrote a similar post about having nothing to say and it made me laugh. I used to get so angry when my aunt would say this to me: “If you’re bored then you’re boring.”

I’d be like, I’m not boring! I just have nothing to say, think about, write about or do. Maybe I am boring.

I do have exciting stuff planned for this weekend. My house is about to be all decked out in American goodies for an early Fourth of July party. I figured all my English/international friends would love to celebrate America’s independence, so I’m having a small get together with food + alcohol, and most importantly, decorations:


I pretty much bought at least one of everything. It’s going to be like a five-year-old’s birthday party, except for the good ol’ US and A.

I got so excited that I modelled some of the stuff for myself before work this morning. Fashion show for one!


My only regret was that they didn’t have a ridiculous American flag dress.


On the menu:

Greek salad
Spinach salad with strawberries, walnuts and balsamic vinegar
Apple pie
Potato salad
Some other stuff.

People are bringing a few side dishes. I guess the menu isn’t 100% ‘merican, but it’ll do!

Also, I’ve been listening to this song a lot. Sexy Sushi. Obsessed.

I’m a Belieber.

For weeks people on Twitter, “Beliebers,” were talking about the release of Justin Bieber’s new single, Boyfriend. I couldn’t flip through Twitter without seeing #boyfriend in every other Tweet.

Oh, wait, you’re wondering why I follow Justin Bieber on Twitter? Well, I thought I’d be “cool” and up with what the kids are doing these days, so I joined the crowd. Plus I found out I kinda like his music after he did a Christmas song with Boyz II Men. Plus, how cool is the name “Belieber,” anyway?

After a while, I realized I like pretty much every Bieber song I hear, and I came to the realization that … I’m a Belieber. I love Justin Bieber.

This song really sealed the deal. It’s pop gold.

I’m kind of glad YouTube doesn’t have a counter that shows how many times you’ve listened to a song on repeat.

You know what I’m gonna do? As soon as I get home I’m going to buy the single on iTunes, and as soon as I get up tomorrow I’m going to go on a long run and listen to this on repeat.

… and to all a good night!

Welcome to the Fishbowl

I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled food update to update you about something I’ve just discovered.

(Give this a chance!! For me!)

On the Seventh Day, Kenny Chesney met Tim McGraw and together they created this:

Even better is that it’s part of Kenny’s upcoming album, Welcome to the Fishbowl, in June. I. Can’t. Wait.

If I were a small child, I’d wet myself.