10 miles in Murder Common

My mood is stinky lately. Reeeeall smelly. Like a foot.

I hate that I’m so affected by bad weather, but I can’t get rid of this feeling that I just want to go home and enjoy a normal life where I can go outside. Everything about my life in London is great and I’m really happy … but so unhappy at the same time.

Saturday morning was kind of good, weather wise. I ran 10 miles in Wimbledon Common, but I started to get upset toward the end of my run because it was getting cloudy and rainy, and stayed that way for the rest of the day – including for my party!


I was loving Wimbledon Common because I had no idea there were so many trails and private places. I started thinking it would be a place where I could easily be killed. Later when I told one of my friends about how amazing Wimbledon Common was, the first thing he said was that a woman was murdered there a few years back. Great!

I don’t think I need any more details. It’s a great place, and if you haven’t been you definitely need to check it out!




I didn’t have a running partner this time, but 10 miles (mostly) wasn’t as hard as I thought. It’s amazing how quickly you get in shape. Up until the fourth mile I still felt great and wasn’t tired at all.

Then I came across some soccer fields that had a track spray painted on the grass. For some reason I don’t really mind running around a track. I wouldn’t want to do it for 10 miles, but 2-3 is fine. I kind of just space out and don’t even think about running.

Plus, running around the track enabled me to set down my fanny pack and water. Yeah, that’s right. I wore a fanny pack. Even though I’m a pretty big supporter of fanny packs and can’t wait until the day they come back into fashion, any time I wear one I still pray I don’t run into anyone I know.

I own two fanny packs.



The last mile was so tough. My legs felt dead, and even though I’d brought energy bars for the occasion, I was too tired. I still managed to run, but at the slowest of paces. My knees were also hurting, which has been worrying me.

I half-ran, half-hobbled past the fair in Wimbledon Village, where there were lots of food tents, activities and tons of horses.


By that evening my legs were really feeling the run. Even though at the time I felt like I had a good run, I was doubting my ability to run this marathon. I felt really badly, but that was partially due to the fact that I hadn’t eaten all day. I was too busy cooking and serving to actually eat, so by bedtime I felt awful. All I could think was: if I feel this terrible after 10 miles, how am I ever going to complete the longer runs to finish 26 miles??

I have a few shorter distances before it picks back up in a couple weeks, so I’m hoping these will be better! And of course I’ll be sure to focus on proper nutrition and eating – that was a bad one-off.

It also helps that my blogging friend Jill has decided to get a bit crazy and sign up for a marathon herself, so she says she’ll be running the distances with me – except in Italy 🙂

She has signed up for a marathon in Budapest, which I think is SO cool. I kind of wish I’d signed up for a European race, and turned it into a racing holiday. Perhaps next year – depending on how my first marathon works out!


A girly day out!

I feel like a real girl. I just had a leisurely breakfast with my mom at Carluccio’s in Wimbledon Village, followed by a manicure/pedicure. The morning couldn’t get any girlier.

We saw horse riders in the Village. I love it here. If I ever have enough money to be able to afford a house in London, I’d live in Wimbledon Village.


They don’t have Main Street in England. They have High Streets!



We had something called Bicerin. Espresso + chocolate + cream, and you mix it yourself. This is our second one in less than 24 hours. So good.




Scrambled eggs + mushrooms on grilled bread.


Then off for my first manicure!


During the process the lady asked if I’d ever had one before, and I said no. So she asked what other things I do, and I didn’t know what she meant.

Her: “Oh, like facials, waxing, etc.”

Me: “Ummm …. nothing?”

Her: “Hmm. So you’re low maintenance.”

Me: “… I guess?”

I just don’t get waxing. I mean, I’d never want to have to say to someone, “Sorry! I’m between waxes.” No. How hard is it to just shave your legs and umm … other stuff, every day? Maybe it’s not quite as nice, but I’d rather be decently un-hairy every day than have half of my life spent growing out for a wax. Plus, have you ever had your bikini line waxed? That’s not something I ever wish to experience again.

Oh, and eyebrows – just pluck! Again, I see so many women walking around with wild eyebrows because they’re “growing out for a wax” and it looks so stupid! I don’t get it. If you don’t pluck or wax, that’s fine. It only becomes obvious when people have a perfectly groomed eyebrow surrounded by a few rogue hairs.

Anyway, mint nails! Does having a manicure make me a real girl now? I sound like Pinocchio.


At this point a couple hours had passed so I had to top up with a salad from Paul. I definitely could have done without the goat’s cheese, but otherwise a great salad.


I have a small confession to make. I’ve been craving … hot tea lately. Yesterday at Borough Market I had a chai, and today I chose a hot peppermint tea over a mocha. It’s really soothing on my sore throat (don’t know where it came from!) and it tastes so good.

Could I be a tea drinker now??

We’re off to see the last performance of the play, The King’s Speech, in Leicester Square. I hope it’s good!

I love pubs too, too much.

In the US if you are recommending a good restaurant to your friends you’ll undoubtedly go on and on about the quality of the food, the decor, etc. In London, if you’re recommending a restaurant it wouldn’t be uncommon to talk about the food and the service.

“The food was great, and they were so … nice!”

I’m so used to dealing with the attitude that I’m doing them a favor by eating at their restaurant that I don’t get upset anymore at the sometimes outright angry attitude of staff. This makes it even more of a shock when a restaurant/pub staff is nice.

After two years of being in the UK, I went back home last year and I was shocked. Everyone was SO nice. I was like: Everyone here loves me! I’m a rock star!

A couple weeks ago when my cousin was in London for business we met up in Wimbledon for dinner. I took him to my favorite pub in South West London, The Alexandra.

I don’t know what’s different about this pub, but they are so nice. I’ve been here dozens of times, and the food is always great and there are always multiple friendly people.

It’s especially great in the summer because they have a rooftop patio. I used to get pie platters and eat in the sunshine!

It’s not like they simply hired one happy person – everyone is friendly. Even though the pub was busy we had three separate people coming to check on us.

All the food is always presented so well and a new menu is printed every day.

I had the special, a beetroot & mushroom lasagne. It was very good, but I’m not used to eating so much cheese so I wish the ratio had been more beetroot than cheese.

I wouldn’t normally comment on fries, “chips,” because I don’t like them, but oh em gee. These fries were amazing.

When my sister was little she used to say, “I love you TOO, TOO MUCH.”

That’s how I feel about pubs.

I love them TOO, TOO MUCH.